Anthony Ricciardelli
Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2

Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2

Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2

About Anthony

Plano native Anthony Ricciardelli recently announced his bid for Plano City Council Place 2. He is eager to bring a strong, conservative voice to local government.

Anthony grew up in Plano and is a proud graduate of Plano Senior High School. After graduating from Plano Senior and earning an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas, Anthony attended the University of Texas School of Law on a full merit scholarship. After graduating from UT Law, Anthony passed the bar and began practicing law. In the time Anthony has been a litigator, he has argued important cases before the Texas Supreme Court and the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, among others. As a result of his achievements as an attorney, Anthony has been named a “Rising Star” in the legal profession by Super Lawyers two years in a row.

Faith and family drive Anthony's passion to make Plano an outstanding and safe community. He and his wife, Liesl, returned to Plano to raise their young son, Ethan, where Anthony grew up and want to make sure that Ethan grows up in a Plano that remains every bit as great as it was when Anthony grew up here. Anthony is a committed lifelong conservative, having served as a delegate to his first Senatorial District 8 Convention when he was an 18-year-old high school senior. Anthony has served as Vice Chair of the Plano Heritage Commission and serves on several boards and committees, including for Joni and Friends (a ministry to those affected by disability and their families that has its regional headquarters at the Hope Center here in Plano), the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers, International Justice Mission, and others. Anthony, Liesl, and their young son Ethan are active members of The Ridge Church.

Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2       

On the Issues      Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2

Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2Keep Plano Suburban
With our remaining land, Plano must focus on land uses that are consistent with the character of the community that we all know and love, not on high-density development projects. I will advocate for a suburban Plano, while continuing to recruit desirable employers to our city. We must stop overbuilding apartments. If we do not, we will overcrowd our schools and roads, leading to declining school performance and worsening traffic. As a parent, it is vitally important to me that land use choices made by City Council help, not hurt, our schools. I am the only candidate for Plano City Council Place 2 who has been endorsed by due to my commitment to keeping Plano suburban.

Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2Decrease Property Tax Burden on Plano Families
As home values rise, so do property taxes – that is, unless we decrease the tax rate enough to offset the increase in property valuations.  If elected, I will fight tax increases by advocating for the largest possible tax rate decreases. I have pledged to vote for the "effective tax rate" in 2018, which will lower the tax rate commensurate to the aggregate increase in property valuations and thereby offset (for the average homeowner) the increase in taxes that would otherwise result from the increase in property valuations.

To my knowledge, I am the only candidate for Place 2 who has pledged to vote for the effective tax rate in 2018. I am the only candidate for Place 2 who is endorsed by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, a project of Empower Texans, for my commitment to fiscally conservative policies that promote economic freedom in our community.

Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2Referendums
I support conducting referendums when citizen petitions are submitted.

Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2Strong Business Climate
As a Councilmember, I will work with stakeholders to promote a strong business climate that supports small business owners, cultivates cutting-edge innovators, and attracts blue-chip employers from around the globe.

Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2Religious Liberty
It is dangerous and unconstitutional for government to control religious beliefs.  I will stand strong in support of our religious liberty.

Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2Limited Government
I support improving government efficiency by focusing government on its core functions. This will decrease government spending – and, as a result, taxes – without compromising essential services like public safety and road maintenance.

Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2Transparency, Responsiveness and Accountability
Plano’s residents deserve a responsive government that is held accountable to the citizens. Complete transparency is the only way to make government accountable to the citizens. I will always maintain an open-door policy during my time on Council.

Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2Improve Roads and Traffic Conditions
Families need to be able to get to work and school on our roads. Improving roads and reducing traffic will be one of my top priorities during my time on Council.


    New! Read the endorsement letter
    from Plano Community leaders.

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Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2

    Elected Officials

George Flint, Collin County GOP Chairman
State Rep. Matt Shaheen
State Rep. Jeff Leach
State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg
State Rep. Pat Fallon
Former State Rep. Scott Turner
Collin County Commissioner Cheryl Williams
Former Collin County Commissioner Kathy Ward
Former Collin County Commissioner Mark Reid
Jeran Akers, Former Mayor of Plano
Shep Stahel, Former Plano City Councilmember
Fred Moses, Collin College Trustee and Former Collin County GOP Chairman
Karl Voigtsberger, State Republican Executive Committee
Dr. Yoram Solomon
Angela Powell
Greg Myer

    Community Leaders

Ray Huffines
Judy Rushton
Jamie Schell

    Precinct Chairs

Connor Barron
Sharon Bradshaw
Stephanie Casson
Denise Cooke
Sue Denson
Matthew Dixon
James Gibb
Pat Greer
John Gostomski
Jennifer Groysman
Valerie Herrington
Mary Carl Finkelstein
Joan Konkel
Vicki Meyers
John Myers
Felix Nnaji
John Paulson
Mark Reid
Karin Tucker
Terry Wade
Arthur Young


Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2         Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2         Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2         Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2

Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2         Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2         Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2         Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2

Friends and Supporters

Baskar Adaikkalam
Cathie & Homer Adams
Donna Adler & Adrian Wang
Sharron Albertson
Melanie & Joel Alegnani
Cathie Stanford Alexander
Don Alexander
Janis Allman
Dr. Suzy and Man (Marc) Alloju
Usha & Pravin Amin
Shannon & Bill Ansel
Maggie Armstrong
Phil Armstrong
Shamal Awari
Tina Ayala-Vance
Jill Bailey
Connor Barron
Garry Beckham
Hedi & Tony Bigler
Mark Bina
Chris Bingham
Suzanne & Phil Blackstone
Linda Block
Shirley and Steven Bolen
Debbie Bonenberger
Sharon Borgne
Jeff Bowen
George Bower
Tom Bowman
Sharon & Cecil Bradshaw
Richard Breckenridge
Glenn & Kellie Brenner
Mike Bronsky
James Bruner
Bill Bukauskas
Desiree Brown
Bill Butcher
Carolyn Cameron
Robert Canright
Beth and Matthew Carruth
Ann & Jeff Cassels
Stephanie Casson
Zach Cates
Betty Chou & James Kelley
Nat Cohen
Lynn & Roy Conn
Yalan & Jonathon Connell
Clint Cook
Denise Cooke
Joe Cordina
Merlene Corley
Jean & George Cotter
Jaci and Rick Crawford
Charlie Culpepper
Evy Davis
Buddy & Karen Dean
Greg DeMille
Sue Denson
Faye Derbonne
Richard DeWitt
Amy and Jim Dillavou
Marvelle Ditto
Matthew Dixon
Herman Dose
Abigail & Cleve Doty
Ron Dubner
Harold Dunaway
Jackie Estes
Richard Edmundson
Colleen & Steve Epstein
Matthew Epstein
Janet & Walt Evanyk
Rose & Elliott Fallas
Daniel & Andrea Farrar
Bill & Barbara Feath
Nina Ferguson

Michelle Ferrer
Mary Carl & Jeff Finkelstein
Candace Fountoulakis
Sharon Friedensohn
Sam Fritcher
Karen & John Fuller
Brent & Diane Ganze
Allen Gatewood
Aqsa Tasleem & Shahzeb Gaziani
Martha & Camilo Geschier
Catherine & Jim Gibb
Janice & Lynwood Givens
Cathi & Gary Gordon
John Gostomski
Anthony Graham
Pat Greer
Jill Groves
Jennifer Groysman
Gopinath Gudavalli
Henry Guttormson
Eric Hall
Marylea Hall
Brett & Donna Hallerman
Bruce Hallett
Mary Handley
Sherry Harrison
Ron Harshman
Jeff Hedrick
Bud Heflin
Toni Henke
Valerie Herrington
Frank & Nancy Hinckley
Donna & David Hitt
Dick Hittle
Charlie & Joan Hogge
Ray Huffines
Denise Huber
Patti Hu & Dale Maynard
Alison & Greg Hughes
Alyssa & Kenny Hughes
Joshua Jacobsen
Ali Jeihani
Mojdeh Jeihani
Rey-Nar Jiang & Philip Taggart
Joyce Jin
Xiaoqing Jin
Miles Johnson
Cindy & Jim Johnston
Norman Jones
Stevi & Eric Jones
Julia Kelly
Gwen Kelley
Judy and Guy Kendler
Don Kersting
Basit Khanzada
David Klotz
Kathleen & Thomas Kohl
Vishal Kolhaun
Joan & Randy Konkel
John Korpal
Joanna & Steve Kriss
Ashwin Kuntumukkala
Bill & Pat Kushnir
Deanna & Chuck Kuykendall
Sally Lancaster
Donna Landry
Gabriela Lee
Bryan Leinart
Pam Lewis
Heather Li
Betsy & Dr. Vincent Liberto
Dan & Lori Liles
Lisa Lilley
Weifan Lin
Nancy Linn
Georgia Littlejohn

Anne Logan
Nino Lucido
Honggian Luo
Jack Lusk
Evelyn & John Martens
Gloria & Paul Martin
Carroll Maxwell
Trey Mays
Mike & Sandra McBee
Dorothy & Martin McClure
Lynn & Jim McCoy
Keller McCrary
Ricardo McKay
Phil McMillan
Holly & Lane McNamara
Nancy Miller
Bill Mills
Jen Jen Min & Rick Baugh
Julie Mortillaro
Elizabeth & Danny Muzyka
Ernest Myers
John Myers
April Myrick
Nanette & Don Myrlin
Janis & Fred Nasseri
Donna Neal
Kevin Newsom
Nick & Mary Ann Nicholas
Reena Nigam
Ashish Nigam
Vanessa & Felix Nnaji
Charmina O'Halloran
Becky and Michael Oliveri
Tony Ortiz
Adolph Oskutis
Stephen Palma
Sudhir Parikh
Ajay Patel
John Paulson
Andy Piziali
Philip Pizzurro
Janet Plotlan
Sharon Plough
James Pond
Toney & Sheryl Poole
Marius Popa
Angela Powell
Howard Powers
D'rinda Randall
Gary Randolph
Janet Rawe
Jan & Steve Rayburn
Matt Redfearn
Mark Reid
Dr. Thomas Rennie, PhD
Jerry Reynolds
Andrew Ricciardelli
Laurel & Tom Ricciardelli
Flo Ricks
Ron & Kathy Ritchie
Kathi Rivard
Amy Roberts
Cindy & Ross Robinson
Sharon Robinson
Jeanie & Mark Roemer
David Rogers
Nancy & Mike Russell
Jody Rushton
Paul Rutherford
Mick & Betsy Santoro
Jamie Schell
Lois & Kerry Schock
Robin Schofield
Stan & Carol Sewell
Darren Shang

Mahlon Shang
Meei Rong Shang
Doug Shockey
Harold Sickler
Steve Sickman
Linda Sims
Ted & Luann Smith
Pam & Wes Snow
Dr. Yoram Solomon
Jill & Hugh Spears
Shep Stahel
Rene Standeven
Catherine & Steve Staples
Jim Steinert
Jimmy Stewart
Mike Story
Dale Strimple
Richard Sun
Erwin & Irene Tang
Andrew Thillainathan
Kathi Thompson
Patricia Thompson
Carrie & Matthew Tietz
Sharon & Eldon Tipping
Dr Courtney & Tim Trylovich
Karin Tucker
Scott Turner
Ron Ullery
Mike Vance
Murali Vasudevan
Tiffany Vincent
Karl & Kathy Voigtsberger
Naga Voleti
Linda Waddell
Terry & Rick Wade
Brandon & Missy Walker
Rita & Elmer Walker
Kim & Layne Warren
Michael Watson
David Whited
Dan Whitsell
Sue Willette
Cheryl & Don Williams
Ken Williams
Kathy Ward & Michael Wiseman
John Witt
Michele Wheeler
Elizabeth Wolfe
Sharon K. Wolf
JoAnn Woodard
James Yarbrough
Nancy Yarnes
Joonphil Yoon
Arthur L. Young
Steven Zhu

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Anthony Ricciardelli for Plano City Council Place 2

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