Accomplishments & Positions

Recover from the Pandemic & Winter Storm

I will continue to advocate on behalf of Plano residents and businesses as we recover from the pandemic and winter storm.

Support Police, Fire, & EMS

I have been a staunch supporter of our excellent first responders. I will always provide the resources our Police, Fire, and EMS need to keep us safe.

Keep Plano a Thriving, Suburban Community

With our remaining land, Plano must focus on land uses that are consistent with the suburban character of the community that we all know and love, limiting high-density development. As a Councilmember, I have advocated for a Plano with vibrant neighborhoods, while continuing to recruit desirable employers and bring job growth to our city. I always take feedback from adjacent homeowners and property owners seriously when considering zoning.

Decrease Property Tax Burden on Plano Families

During my service on City Council, I have taken a stand for fiscal responsibility. I successfully advocated for the Council to decrease the tax rate to what is known as the “effective tax rate,” which resulted in the average Plano homeowner seeing a dollar amount of property taxes paid to the City that was the same as or lower than what the average homeowner paid in the previous year – something that had not been done in Plano in almost a decade. We have achieved this while maintaining excellent City services and even managing to hire additional City employees when needed.

Strong Business Climate

As a Councilmember, I have worked to promote a strong business climate that supports small business owners, cultivates cutting-edge innovators, and attracts blue-chip employers from around the globe.

Transparency, Responsiveness, & Accountability

Plano’s residents deserve a responsive government that is held accountable to the citizens. Complete transparency is the only way to make government accountable to the citizens. I have maintained an open-door policy during my time on Council. You can call my cell at 972-345-8730 anytime.

Improve Roads & Traffic Conditions

Families need to be able to get to work and school on our roads. Innovative solutions for improving roads and reducing traffic have been a top priority during my time on Council and will continue to be if I am reelected.